Vaccinating dogs and cats is the best protection against rabies in the community. Bridgewater Health Department holds multiple rabies vaccination clinics for dogs and cats in the fall and spring. Please check our township website or Facebook page for 2019 clinic dates and locations or call the Health Department at 908-725-5750.

Please visit the following links for more information about rabies and when to vaccinate your pet:

Policies and Guidelines for Animal Rabies Vaccination

Frequently Asked Questions about Rabies

What You Should Know About Rabies

What You Should Know About Bats

For more information on rabies please visit the New Jersey Department of Health Communicable Disease Services webpage

If you have concerns about a suspect rabid animal, including bats inside your home, contact the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter at 908-725-0308. For after hours concerns call the Bridgewater Police Department at 908-722-4111.